Do Whatever It Takes!

“So we’ll reach for the stars, but if we land on the moon, it’s all right cause we know we did the best we could do. No regrets, don’t forget that sometimes life is hard.” The Wild – Set Ourselves Free

So, here’s the deal. If you want to stand out, you have to break out! Break out that old habits, break out that tendencies to quit, break out that laziness, break out that fear of trying something.

You must commit yourself for an extra miles. You must be ready and willing to do whatever it takes, to do small steps continuously to get something you really want. Do small steps matter? Yes they really do.

You cannot predict the future, but you can visualize the life you want. Hold that vision in your mind and constantly do what you have to do for getting closer to your destination. As long as you keep going it’s okay if you’re not doing great things in the first place. At the end of the days, you just realize that monuments are built from small stones.

Instead of lowering your goals, it is better for you to raise your capacity and competency. Raising yourself does help you to bring out the best version of you. If you do this, you will 99% reach your goals.

But if in the end you’re not reaching your goals yet, don’t get discouraged. You’ve done the best and that’s okay. Just remember, your’re not the same person anymore. You’re better, you’re stronger, you’re smarter. But most of all, you’re ready for the next level.

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2 Replies to “Do Whatever It Takes!”

    1. Really? hmm, all i can assume is i think you’ve already reached the star, and that’s pretty great. We should not forget also that there’s another star waiting out there, so it’s always the right time to reach another star.

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